As well as supporting individual leaders and teams to be the best they can be through COACHING we also offer support in MEDIATION or ADR (alternative dispute resolution).

Access to MEDIATION is now offered by many organisations and CEDR describes it as:

“Mediation is a flexible process conducted confidentiality in which a neutral person assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute or a difference, with the parties in ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution.”

Organisational cultures and employee policies do not always work well when trying to address the emotions of the work place. We see mediation services as a useful extension of her coaching offer and the chance to support organisations and individuals to get to closure when difference or dispute has become a block to progress. 

Too often coaches are aware of negative impacts when blame, distrust, disputes and poor outcomes of the “win at all costs” negotiation strategy are played out.  Individuals and organisations are often left damaged and battered by poor and often very public negative negotiations. None of us sleep well at night if we feel the other party has not gained what they need from a process. Traditional negotiation can result in exponential litigation costs, damage to reputations, poor wellbeing levels in organisations and damaged customer relationships. Mediation is a better way.

Do get in touch and speak directly and confidentially with us if you think mediation might work for your organisation.