A Word from Our Founder

Hello. I am the Founder of BLEND. Thanks for finding our website. If you have come here, you must be a little interested in what Blend can do for you.

I established Blend Associates to offer support to the individuals, leaders, teams, and organisations that make the world tick.

I and my colleagues offer vast experience and we will engage directly with you, your team, and your system to improve what you offer. We have worked closely with healthcare leaders through the pandemic. If you work in customer facing services we  understand what you have been through and the challenges you face in supporting your workforce and meeting customer need.

If you and your team need help with coaching, leadership development or mediation, then do reach out to us.

Have a great day

What is your pandemic story?

We all have a pandemic story, what is yours? The story of Blend is that we worked with 100’s of healthcare leaders as they led the UK response to the pandemic. We found ourselves coaching leaders through a complex context where leaders had to change and improve the service offer whilst paying attention to the incredible challenge on them personally, their staff and the wider community.

We handpicked Faculty members with extensive experience of working with senior NHS and social care leaders across the country, as well as working with a broad range of teams and clients in the corporate world and across academia. We ensure that our coaches are experienced in working with clients who may require a range of coaching approaches, from business transformation, psychometrics, a practical, solution focused conversation to a more therapeutic wellbeing  offer.