A Word from Our Founder

Hello. I am the Founder of BLEND. Thanks for finding our website. If you have come here, you must be a little interested in what Blend can do for you.

I established Blend Associates to offer support to the individuals, leaders, teams, and organisations that make the world tick.

If you employ Blend Associates you can engage personally with me or I can recommend many highly skilled and qualified associates: individuals that I have handpicked because of their brilliance.

I and my colleagues offer vast experience, so we can begin to understand the precise challenges that you and your business face. We will engage directly with you, your team, and your system to improve what you offer.


Our unique approach is to INTEGRATE or BLEND strategic insight and vast experience in corporate leadership roles ourselves with a unique coaching and mentoring approach to improve the overall wellbeing of you and your business.

In STRATEGY we bring clarity about the focus of your business, where you are going, who you are here for, and how to develop robust plans to get there.

With COACHING we love people. You and what makes you tick fascinate us. We will give you as leaders the space to think, grow and to improve your offer to the world.

If you and your team need help with coaching, strategy or mediation, then do reach out to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Have a great day