Having values & living them are more important than ever to business today

Blend values BEING the DIFFERENCE.

We want to make a positive impact by encouraging you and believing in your potential to be the difference in your work and your team. We know life is hard and no one can make it perfect for you. We support our clients to take the next step or the first step. We model being the difference ourselves by how we work and the ways we work on our own organisational and individual development. 

Blend values OPTIMISM

Real optimism always starts with pragmatism. Optimism is fundamentally about hope and having a plenty and not a scarcity mindset. So, we don’t spend lots of time competing with others in the field, worrying about what cannot be done or cannot happen or have big marketing budgets to tell you how much you need us. We do what we do for our clients and know that will show through in the end. Optimism is also about believing tomorrow can be better than today and tomorrow you yourself can be better than you were today.

Blend values ENABLING

True enabling is about helping you to find your power, your voice and your courage to make REAL change happen in your life and organisations. We enable by encouraging you to think about your goals and where you want to be, asking the profound questions and giving you a thinking environment in which you can consider that opportunity. We believe passionately in what Carl Jung called synchronicity i.e. what we focus on in life we get. So, we ask what are your gifts and talents and how can we enable you?

Blend importantly values KINDNESS

This is not our 4th value, it’s instead the value that is the foundation of all the others that we live and breathe as we do our work.  We talk kindness rather than compassion, not because we don’t believe compassion is very important, but we believe if we practise kindness then compassion will start to grow in each of us. We also believe kindness starts with being kind to ourselves and many leaders sacrifice being kind to themselves to deliver, to strive forward, to build the business and that comes at a personal cost. We do not think that working hard and growing profit is bad. So, we challenge the business mantra that you need to be mean to get on. Much research tells us people want to work with bosses who demonstrate kindness and who are nice to be around. We encourage our clients to start to practice kindness to themselves, to their staff, their organisation, their neighbours and the climate. That is why we buy local where we can and encourage organisations that we work with to consider remote support as the standard option and only bring us into the work place if it adds extra value. We really believe that Kindness builds personal, organisational and community resilience.